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Tom holland and Zandaya Maree Dating!

#tomholland #zandayamaree

WHAT?! No way! Who could’ve knew that Tom Holland and Zandaya Maree were dating?! let us know more if this is gossip or real?

What they claim:

The magnificent and famous actress Zandaya Maree was caught saying “we are just friends..” OH! And we need to mention that she confirmed saying “He’s a great “DUDE” (strange move Zandaya!) he is literally one of my best friends..” HMMMMM…you sure?


The fans were like sherlock detecting through the updates and BAM! Videos of them kissing went viral in July 2021…CAN IT BE TRUE?! Still, neither Zandaya nor Tom Holland have officially confirmed their relationship…


These lovebirds are killing the internet with memes or edits in general!!! Well…after looking at these images of Zandaya Maree and Tom Holland I am SUREeEeeEeE there is something fishy going on…SORRY for the girls that STAN Tom Holland but your surely invited to their future wedding!

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